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Kathryn I. W. Sparks

Open House for Kathryn:

3/23/2019 2pm to 8pm 

What pleases me varies widely in media, techniques, subjects, and much more. While drawing has long been my essential go-to, I also readily move over to painting (acrylics; I don’t like the fumes, mess, and added expense of oils that are no longer more reliably long-lived and easy to manipulate), sculpture, wearable art, and whatever catches my fancy at the moment. I’ve created tour-destination private landscaping; banners, paraments, and liturgical garments; public artworks; public and private interior and furniture designs; clothing and costumes; theatrical designs from lighting to sets and props; a number of books and book covers and CD art; and numerous other concepts and objects from the ground up. But I’ve always generally done so primarily for my own entertainment and exorcism rather than as a living. Art is joy as well as irresistible necessity for me.

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